Our humane and innovative microchip implants give you the peace of mind knowing your pet will find its way home.

All microchips come with a Lifetime Registration

Our up-to-date databases are accesible 24/7




Full Lifetime Registration

Register an unlimited amount of information to your record, such as addresses (home, cottage, etc.) and phone numbers at no additional cost! The more information registered, the more efficient the recovery.

24/7 Recovery Service

Our pet recovery team is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week with services available in English and French. Your call will always be answered, with minimal hold times.

Database Protection

Your information is securely stored on our database that is not connected to the Internet in any way. This ensures that the database is never down due to Internet loss and guarantees that your information remains private.


what people are saying about our services

It didn't take our dog Lola long to discover a hole in the backyard fence. She was rescued from the middle of a busy street by a very kind person. Because of Lola's microchip, within minutes I received a call and was able to co-ordinate her pickup. It's a great service.

Philipa Huntsman

My cat had been missing for 11 months and due to the micro-chip technology she has been brought home! I highly recommend this service to anyone even if your animal is an indoor cat like mine. Thank you micro-chip service for reuniting me with my pet!


I am so impressed with your services. My dog got lost yesterday. The fellow that found him called the number on the Microchip4Solutions tag. I would say you have gone way beyond what we hoped your service would provide. Thank you so much!


Jo S. and Dog “Juma”