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Microchip4Solutions (M4S ID) launched in April 2000 with staff and partners who bring over 30 years of combined experience in the microchipping industry and in the animal identification field. No other company can offer such a wealth of experience and expertise.

M4S ID microchipping program and the animal sheltering and service program are now being used by veterinarians and humane societies across Canada.

M4S ID distributes FDX A (FECAVA) and NCAC approved FDX B ISO microchips.

We are committed to our products and will continue to offer the pet world customer service second to none. Thank you for your interest.

“I am so impressed with your services. My dog got lost yesterday. The fellow that found him called the number on the Microchip4Solutions tag. My main contact then got a message from you, followed up by a call in person. She rushed to the site. This was moments later. You then called and emailed me to make sure my dog was home. I would say you have gone way beyond what we hoped your service would provide. Thank you so much!”
Jo S., Toronto, ON. Dog “Juma”