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M4S ID offers NCAC approved FDX B ISO microchips that can be read by any ISO FDX B scanner worldwide.

The M4S ID microchip and needle come together in a pre-packaged sterile format and simply pushes into the new M4S ID implant gun. The M4S ID needle is superior in its size and humanity towards the animal. It is a 14-gauge needle and has a much thinner wall compared to others. The microchip is similar to most on the market and evidence amassed over the last ten years proves conclusively that implant site and technique are critical to the stability of the chip on site, the prevention of migration and adverse reactions. To ensure the correct implanting procedure is followed, we supply an implant manual. The implant gun is also designed with the concern of migration in mind, since it offers the simplest means of implanting the chip quickly, safely, and with the best possible control into the respective implant site for the animal concerned. (An accurate implant technique and implant site is vital in the prevention of chip migration).

M4S ID provides a uniquely numbered stainless steel lifetime collar tag with every chip implanted.

The M4S ID Reader (or Pets Home Today) can read all FDXB type electronic chips (complying with standard ISO 11784/11785), FDXA chips and HDX chips. The reader is powered by a Lithium/ion battery, designed to allow several thousand reading operations. It can be recharged by connecting the reader to a USB port.


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